Student Project: H&M Print Ads

One of my advertising assignments at Kutztown University focused on fashion. The only requirement was that we had to use photography, so I chose to base my campaign on the attitude of H&M, rather than simply show off their clothing.


H&M ads

One of my best friends, Sami Lacek Fava, came up to Kutztown to be my model. We traipsed all over the University campus and downtown, running through tiny alley ways, snapping a quick shot on someone's back porch, finding an abandoned shack behind someone's house, all the while getting some cool shots.

Full Spread Magazine Ad

1/2 Page Newspaper Ad - Horizontal

1/2 Page Newspaper Ad - Vertical

These ads were developed for educational purposes only. The H&M logo has been appropriated for the learning process without permission under fair use of US Copyright Law. Section 107, Title 17. ©2012.