Student Project: The Museum of Hoaxes Exhibition Posters

The Museum of Hoaxes is a special museum full of hoaxes, myths, and mysteries that may or may not exist somewhere in California. In the spirit of some of the folklore on their, I created this student project in a handmade, Victorian style.

Each advert is for a curious exhibit that may or may not have really happened.


museum of hoaxes

It's up to you to decide if these event really happened, or if they're all just a bunch of silly hoaxes.

In search for the perfect april fool's joke?

Look no further! There are plenty of April Fool's jokes here to keep you and your friends entertained.

Bonsai kittens & baby rabbits

You can read more about the Bonsai Kittens here and the Lady Who Gave birth to Rabbits here... if you believe in those sort of things, anyway.

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